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Please be aware that if you are paying by Diners or AMEX you will incur an additional 3% processing fee on top of your invoice. Should you wish to discuss alternative payment options please contact us.

Note: credit card fraud is a felony. Any such activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For service renewal amount exceeding $1,000, you may choose to pay in 12 monthly instalments via Direct Debit. Should you wish to pay via Direct Debit, please download, complete and return to us the Direct Debit Request (DDR) form. You may send a scanned copy to or fax to the attention of "Accounts" on (03) 9696 0700 or post it to Accounts, Level 2, 85 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.

1. The DDR payment option is only available to existing customers unless otherwise agreed by Webfirm

2. Webfirm reserves the right to reject DDR based on our internal risk analysis

3. The DDR option is only available for annual/periodic services like SEO packages, SEA Packages, Webfirm Hosting, Domain Name Registration & SSL Certification. One off contracts like Website Development, Google Place, FTP Access and Website Amendments cannot be paid by DDR unless agreed by Webfirm.

4. If you are currently on a Direct Debit arrangement with us for your previous annual/monthly invoices, this arrangement will cease at the end of the current service period. Should you wish to continue paying on a Direct Debit arrangement, you must complete and return a new DDR form.

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